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2011 Victory Soccer School & UK Training Schedule
All Victory training is at the YMCA fields & UK training is at KMT (Foran High School soccer school)

          Victory Soccer School              
              starts  April 4th                  
      Slot Mon Tes Wed Thr Fri        
Dave 4:30 6:00 1     Camp 1 U11Gc Camp 2 U11Gc          
  6:00 7:30 2     U11Bc U13Gc U12G2            
Mike 4:30 6:00 1   Camp 3         U12Bc          
  6:00 7:30 2 U14Gc U12Gtr                
          UK Training for Spring 2011              
              starts April 11th                  
        Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Time Sat Sun  
UK1 4:30 6:00 1 eb eb eb eb eg eg eg eg fg5 fg7 9:00am LK LK 11:00am
  6:00 7:30 2 eb eb eb eb eg eg eg eg open Cb1 10:00am LK LK 12:00pm
                            11:00am LK LK 1:00pm
        Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri          
UK2 4:30 6:00 1 fg8 fg1 fg3 fg2 fg4 fg6 Db1 Db2 fg9 fg10          
  6:00 7:30 2 fb fb 14Bc Fb Dg4 Dg5 Cg1 Cg2 Dg1 Dg3          
        fb1/2 na fg1/2 x Eb1/2 x Eg1/2 x Dg1 x Db1 x Cg1 x  
        fb3/4 na fg3/4 x Eb3/4 x Eg3/4 x Dg2 na Db2 x Cg2 x  
        fb5/6 na fg5/6 x Eb5/6 x Eg5/6 x Dg3 x          
        fb7/8 na fg7/8 x Eb7/8 x Eg7/8 x Dg4 x          
        fb9/10 na fg9/10           Dg5 x     Cb1 x  
                                CbC x  
        fb jeff requested slot