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MUSC Indoor Soccer Rules

ALL Divisions (U10 and U12 Divisions)
     - All games will start on time.  Start the clock even if players are not on the field.
     - Games will consist of two 25 minute halves and a 2 minute half time.  The clock will be running - no stoppages.
     - Unlimited substitutions at any time during the game (like hockey).
     - No offiside, No throw-ins, No Slide tackling
     - Keeper cannot punt the ball.
     - Balls hitting the net siding and/or ceiling will be considered out of play and will result in a turnover near the location the ball hit the net. If the ball is last touched by the defending player and hits an out of bounds net from within the penalty area, the restart is taken from the corner kick marker.  The opposing player must give 3 feet.
    - Goalie shirt must be a different color than field players
    - All players must wear shin guards at all times and no cleats. 

*Uniforms are scrimmage vests.

Variations for younger divisions
    - U10 Divisions - Teams play even (6v6 or 7v7, depending on available subs)

D COED Division Rules
  • Teams will play 5v5 (including goalie)
  • Both Boys & Girls (At least one of each gender) must be on the field at the same time from each team.
  • No player is allowed to “check” another player into the wall (this is not hockey).
  • Players must try to have at least 1 sub
  • Substitutions can be done at any time. Care must be taken to ensure team does not gain advantage during substitution. (exiting player coming off the field must be headed toward the bench area before entering player is allowed onto the field)
  • All fouls result in a direct kick. Opposing players must be at least 3 yards away from the ball on a free kick.
  • Warn the U12s if the player is breaking the rules, the second offense the player must sit out 2 minutes or until a goal is scored.  The team will play down one player on the field.