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Milford United Soccer Club 

The MUSC, Inc. bylaws were voted on and approved unanimously during the Executive Board Session on 8/1/06.
(Proposed:  August 1, 2006)

Adopted:  August 1, 2006

 Article I – Name
1.      The name of this organization shall be ‘The Milford United Soccer Club’ and shall hereafter be referred to as the ‘MUSC’.

 Article II – Goals and Objectives

 1.      The goals of the MUSC shall be to foster in the youth of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, courtesy, trustworthiness, loyalty, respect for teammates and for authority.  There shall be a feeling of mutual respect between the youths participating in the program and the adults supervising them.  It shall be the policy of the MUSC that the stressing of exceptional athletic skills be secondary to the participation of all players and that the winning of soccer games will be less important than the type of leadership provided by those in authority.

 2.      In order to support these goals, the objectives of the MUSC shall be to:

 A.     Promote a program in which instruction in rules and skills of soccer shall be taught in a team and clinic setting with games taking place at appropriate times of the year.  This portion of the program will emphasize educational and instructional principles and will be known as the recreational program.

 B.     Promote the opportunity for those players who have a particular interest in greater competition to satisfy that interest with the creation or teams, which will play age/ability teams from other communities, according to USYSA and/or CJSA rules.  This portion of the program shall become known as the competition program.

 Article III – Coaches

 1. Recreation coaches shall be selected by the commissioner of the respective division from a pool of applicants in accordance with policies for the recreation program.

 2. Competition coaches should be CJSA licensed coaches chosen from solicited volunteers. (Reference Art. 8) 

 3. All coaches must adhere to the current adopted MUSC Coach Policies and must complete the CJSA Background Check.

 Article IV – Executive Board

 1.      The management of the affairs of the MUSC shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall consist of the following elected members:

Vice President
Player Agent
Referee Coordinator
Purchasing Agent
A and B Commissioner
C Commissioner boys
C Commissioner girls
D Commissioner girls
D Commissioner boys
E Commissioner boys
E Commissioner girls
F Commissioner girls
F Commissioner boys
Information Manager
Data Base Manager
TOPS Commissioner
Field Supervisor
Little Kicks Coordinator



 In addition to all elected positions, the Executive Board shall appoint a Lawyer to the Executive Board.  This position shall carry full voting rights.

 2.      The President shall preside over all Executive Board Meetings.  The President shall have the power to call special meetings of the Executive Board, and is obligated to do so at the request of at least three members of the Executive Board.  Majority vote of quorum shall carry any regular motion.  A quorum shall consist of one more than half of the filled positions of the Executive Board.  The President will only vote in cases of a tie vote, this will be the tie-breaking vote.

 3.      Executive Board meetings will be held monthly.  A schedule of the meeting dates will be developed by the Executive Board members. Any changes in the meeting dates will be transmitted to all members of the Executive Board at least three days before the meeting date.

 4.      Special Meetings.  Information pertaining to the meeting shall be transmitted by the Secretary to each Executive Board member.  Each Executive Board member should receive this information, at least two days before the meeting.

 5.      The term of the Executive Board shall be two years.  Half of the members of the Executive Board shall be elected each year.  The order of election shall be all offices in the left column of Article IV, 1 shall be one year.  The remaining offices in the right column of Article IV, 1 shall be the following year.

 6.      In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Board for any reason, the Executive Board may appoint a person to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term.  Any Executive Board member absent from three successive regular monthly meetings or misses six meetings for the calendar year shall have his or her office declared vacant, at the discretion of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board can appoint a successor.

 7.      Nomination and Election – A nominating committee consisting of three members in good standing shall be appointed by the President not less than three months prior to the annual meeting, at which time election shall take place.  A list of candidates shall be provided to the general membership to fill the positions open for election as outlined in Article IV, paragraph 5.  The list of candidates shall be submitted to the secretary, in writing, not later than one month prior to the Annual meeting.  Nominations must be accompanied by written confirmation of willingness to serve.  Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting providing the nominee is present at the meeting and expresses the desire to run and the nomination is seconded.

 8.      Term of office – For all elected offices as described in Article IV, paragraph 5 shall begin on March 1 and run for two years.

 9.   In order to serve as President or Vice President, you must have served 2 years in a 

      prior position on the Executive Board.

 Article V – Membership

 1.      General Members – Shall consist of parents and legal guardians of past or present participants in the programs sponsored by the MUSC, or any other adult individuals who have participated in the activities of the MUSC.  To qualify as a general member, the member must have signed all membership forms that may be required by the Executive Board of MUSC and the then current dues or membership fees, if any, have been paid.

 2.      Player Members – Any youngsters meeting the registration requirements of the MUSC may become a participant in the programs sponsored by the MUSC.  Such registration requirements will include but not be limited to: proof of age, resident of Milford, and payment of fees.  Such a member shall have no rights, duties or obligations in the management or administration of the MUSC.

 3.      Honorary Members – Honorary membership may be conferred upon any person by vote of the Executive Board.

 4.      Grandfather Clause – Recreation players in the program and who leave Milford, will continue to be eligible until they cease to participate for one calendar year or register with another club.  Players not participating for the calendar year will lose their eligibility.

 5.      Special Recreation Player Membership – A player membership may be granted to a youngster not residing in Milford, under the following situations: The resident town does not have a soccer program.  This membership will not cause a Milford player to be displaced from the program.  This membership must be presented to and approved by the Executive Board.

 6.      Competition Players – Eligibility will comply with CJSA rules.

 7.      Scholarship – Players may be granted a scholarship membership in cases of hardship.  These memberships will be at the discretion of the Executive Board.

 Article VI – Executive Board Job Descriptions

 1.      President:  The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer.  Will issue the call for regular and special Executive Board meetings at which he will vote only to break a tie: shall serve ex – officio on all committees; shall see that regular elections are held in accordance with these Bylaws; shall ensure that all MUSC personnel are properly briefed in all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of the MUSC; and shall have the primary responsibility for maintaining liaison between this organization and other soccer associations.  Once a year, the President will see that the accounts of the MUSC are audited by a committee, made up of at least one general member, all being members in good standing with MUSC, appointed by the President.

 2.      Vice President:  Shall perform the duties of the President in his absence and in that capacity shall have the same authority as the President.  He shall carry out all other duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.  The Vice President will be responsible for the scheduling of all fields and games.

 3.      Secretary:  Shall maintain an accurate and timely record of the MUSC: maintain minutes of the meetings; send notices of meetings and maintain a record of the MUSC activities; shall keep a register of members and Executive Board members.  In the absence of the President and Vice President, the Secretary will assume the duties and responsibilities of the President, Statutory agent.  Prior to leaving office, the Secretary shall tabulate a record of all motions carried at Executive Board meetings.

 4.      Treasurer:  Shall dispense MUSC funds as approved by the Executive Board.  Said money will be dispersed only after receiving a valid receipt.  The treasurer shall keep an accurate and timely record of all money received and dispersed with an itemized report of same to be given at each regular meeting.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for presenting a financial statement at the Annual meeting of the MUSC.  He/she shall be authorized to sign checks on behalf of the MUSC.

 5.        Player Development Manager:  Shall be responsible for developing, maintaining, and implementing the player development plan.   This plan will include coaching license programs, professional training programs, training materials and coaches clinics that will be delivered to the coaches in MUSC.

 6.      Purchasing Agent:  Shall be responsible for the expenditure of all money as directed by the Executive Board.  This will include but not be limited to all equipment, field preparation and repairs, awards, trophies, and patches.  All expenditures will require delivery of valid receipts to the treasurer, before bill payment.

 7.      Commissioners:  Shall be responsible for all administrative duties pertaining to their division.  This will include coordination of teams at the beginning of each season.  The commissioner will maintain records and standings.  Resolve conflicts related to games, rules, and player eligibility.  Recommend approval of coaches.  “Referral” of problems to the Executive Board which cannot be fairly resolved by this position.  Commissioner is responsible for recreation for their division.

 8.      Referee Assignor:  Shall be certified in accordance with USSF and adhere to “The National Referee Program – Assignor Policy”.  He or she shall be responsible for assignment of certified USSF referees to scheduled U10 and higher travel matches.  Will handle all problems related to referees.  He/She will make sure that referees are aware of the MUSC in-house recreational rules and be aware of current state and district policies regarding travel games.  The Referee Assignor will provide a pay sheet, stating referee’s name, dates, and payment for games worked, to the Treasurer on a bi-weekly basis.  Referee game assignments will be maintained on the club website.

 9.      Club Registrar:  Shall be responsible for processing member records, registrations, creating team rosters, member passes and club databases.  Also, for developing and delivering any reports needed by the club or commissioners to perform club processes.   Registrar will provide to District Registrar all necessary documents and information necessary for participation in District or other activities in order to print certified rosters and print and laminate coaches and players passes.  The registrar must upload seasonal registration information to CJSA.  

10.  Information Manager:  This position will be responsible to develop and deliver information between the Executive Board and the general membership.  This will include but not be limited to general information on functions of the MUSC, rules and other informative information, which will better educate the general membership.  This position will also be responsible to develop all press releases to the media under the approval of the Executive Board.  This will include such items as general MUSC announcements, standings, and scores.

 11.  Field Manager:  Will be responsible to make sure that all assigned fields are ready for play.  This will include inspection and reporting problems to the City.  Make sure that lining and goals are set.  Report any field-related problems to the Executive Board.

 12.  Immediate Past President:  Shall act as an advisor to the Executive Board for a period of 1 year.  This position will be a non-voting position.

 Article VII – Meetings

 1. The regular annual meeting of the MUSC shall take place not later than January 31 for the purpose of electing Executive Board members, receiving line item financial reports and transacting any other business that may properly come before the meeting.  An agenda for the meeting shall be made available to the membership not later than three weeks prior to the date of the annual meeting.  Such availability shall be the responsibility of the Secretary.  A quorum for the annual meeting shall be 15 members of MUSC. 

2. Voting rights for the Annual meeting will be extended to all paid-up members who attended one more than half (51%) of all the General Membership meetings in the previous calendar year.

3.  General Meetings.  There will be a minimum of 6 scheduled meetings a year with the possibility of 2 more scheduled at the request of the Executive Board.  A schedule of the meetings shall be announced at the August meeting.  Fifteen members of MUSC shall constitute a quorum at the meetings, where a simple majority will rule.  Attendance at General Membership meetings is mandatory for the head coach and/or team representative for each team.  Voting rights for the general meeting will be as described in paragraph 2 above. 

4. Voting Rights of Executive Board members at General/Annual meetings – Voting rights will be extended to Executive Board members who have attended 2/3rds of all Executive Board meetings and 1/3 of all General Membership meetings in a calendar year.

5. Absentee voting – Any member with voting rights may vote by absentee ballot, in the Annual meeting, Absentee ballot may be requested from the secretary, and must be received by the secretary at least 48 hours prior to the Annual meeting. A valid ballot must include member’s original signature. 

Article VIII – Competition Teams

 1.      Each Competition Team shall meet eligibility requirements of the CJSA.

 2.      The Competition Program shall be conducted in accordance with “Policies for    

       Competition Teams” as established by the Executive Board.

3.      Competition coaches will be selected from a pool of applicants, in accordance with the ‘Policies for Competition Coaches.’  All new applicants will be interviewed by the Executive Board at an Executive Board meeting.  Unopposed returning coaches may submit their applications in writing.  The coach selected will serve for a minimum of one seasonal year.

 Article IX – Premier Teams

1. The MUSC may, at the discretion of the Executive Board, sponsor a Premier Team(s)
in any age bracket.  Such team will meet the eligibility requirements of the CJSA State League.

2. The Teams will be entered into the CJSA State League for their age bracket.

Article X – General

1.      All publicity relating to the teams of the MUSC will include mention of team affiliation to the Milford United Soccer Club.

 Article XI – Amendments

1.      Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by the Executive Board, a committee appointed by the Executive Board, or fifteen (15) General members, in good standing.  Changes shall be submitted to the Secretary at least 1 general meeting prior to the General meeting they are about to be voted on.

2.   General Meetings that amendments will be voted on will require a minimum of 15 
members in good standing, to be in attendance.  Amendment changes will require an
affirmative vote by two thirds of the eligible voters at this meeting. (Eligible as
described in Article VII, paragraph 2). 

Article XII – Recall of Executive Board Members

1.Removal of Board Member – The Executive Board may remove an Executive Board member upon recommendation and motion of the disciplinary committee.  The committee can move to remove the Executive Board member for dereliction of duties of his/her office, consistent misconduct, or action detrimental to MUSC.  Removal will occur upon motion passing by a 2/3rds majority vote.  Prior to any hearing, the Executive Board member shall be given a minimum of two weeks notice for a hearing.  Prior to voting, the Executive Board member must be given an opportunity to be heard in person or writing by the members of the Executive Board.  If the Executive Board member declines the opportunity to be heard, or does not respond, then the Executive Board can take appropriate action. 

Article XIII – Committees

1.      The President is an ‘ex-officio’ member of all committee

2.      The President will nominate all committees from a pool of volunteers.  In the absence of sufficient volunteers, the President will appoint the committee members.  A chairperson will be established for each committee.  If the chairperson is not a member of the Executive Board, then an Executive Board member, who is either a member of the committee or has been appointed by the President to the committee, will report to the Executive Board at Executive Board meetings on the progress of that committee.

3.      Permanent committees- The Club will establish the following permanent committees 
 Executive Committee – Composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

- Disciplinary Committee – The President shall appoint the committee, consisting of the Vice President as chairperson, and any other persons the President deems necessary.
-  Nominating Committee – Will be established as defined in Article IV, paragraph 7.
Audit Committee – Will be established as defined in Article VI, paragraph 1.

4. The President shall have the authority to create special committees to assist in the conducting of MUSC business.  These may include, but are not limited to, Opening Day Committee, By-Laws Committee, and Scholarship/Award Committee.  All special committees will be disbanded upon completion of their assigned task.

Article XIV - Dissolution of MUSC

1.      A vote of dissolution must be approved by 2/3rds of the filled Executive Board positions.

2.      Upon the dissolution of MUSC, the Executive committee shall, after paying all liabilities, dispose of the remaining assets, to a local youth soccer organization or to the City of Milford, for field improvements, as approved by the Executive Board.